premium web development


We got the horsepower and know-how to transform your ideas into premium web applications.


HTML5 / CSS / Javascript
Ruby on Rails
PostgreSQL / Mongodb
Amazon Web Services / Heroku


Two fathers and husbands living in a small beautiful town in central Greece. Two guys with different background, sharing the same passion about technology and programming.

Dimitris Dovinos
Dimitris is a web application developer with broad background ranging from electrical and mechanical engineering, semiconductor physics (single electronics - nano-structure fabrication) to software engineering. Main interest is the development of value for money software that serves real needs and is fun to use.
Vassilis Terzopoulos
Vassilis touched a keyboard for the first time when he was 12 (back in 1987). It was during the first browsers war when he started working as a freelancer web developer. For several years he was producing custom CMS and e-commerce themes for companies from around the globe. Since 2010 he has focused on modern application design and agile development.